April 18 05

1. my daughter is wearing jeans today. it’s a monumentous occasion. right about the time she turned 2, she decided that she wasn’t wearing pants OF ANY KIND anymore. so, i had to go out and buy her skirts. then, right around 3 1/2, she decided that she would wear “soft pants” which, essentially, are velour pants. but that’s it. no jeans or khakis at all. but there’s nothing cuter than a little girl in jeans. last week she decided, “mommy, i like jeans again!” What? who? what? i ran out and bought her the cutest jeans i could find. i’m a very happy mommy today 🙂

2. it’s warm enough outside to get a sunburn. and i’ve got one to prove it.

3. i look hot today, even though i’m 24 weeks pregnant.

4. i’ve made peace with my dying jeep.

5. i didn’t gain ANY weight over the weekend, even though i ate like an absolute heifer.


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