December 20 04

It’s now 8:25 and my son has been screaming since just after 7.
this sucks. I know why he’s still awake. a) he had a nap today. he hasn’t napped in weeks. for 2.5 hours. why my nanny let him sleep so long i have no idea and b) we are out of milk. this is a problem because he’s used to having milk right before bed.

but, the thing is, he’s tired. if he wasn’t tired, i would take him out and let him play. but he’s rubbing his eyes, and he’s genuinely exhausted. i hate this. and my husband is out playing squash. having a good time. while i’m at home, in agony.

  1. 8:55 and we have quiet…thank goodness…

    Comment by Ali on December 20, 2004
  2. Your husband didn’t have such a good time.
    I beat him 5-0.

    Comment by Anonymous on December 21, 2004
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