July 25 05

give me the lessons in how to talk to you employees??

It’s really a problem. i have so many things i want to tell Jhoanne, but i just can’t physically do it.

today there are three things that have upset me…and it’s only noon!

a) when i gave her her check, she said to me, “oh, maybe when you take the kids to camp, i’ll go to the bank.” to which i said, “actually, i need you to take the kids to camp.” i didn’t really, but i wanted her to at least be doing something productive (and i ellipticized and showered…it was fantastic)

b) she knocked on my door about 30 minutes ago and said, “can i be gone for 15 minutes? i want to get something from Macket (our friends’ nanny).” what could she possibly need that she had to run out and get it from the other nanny? also, it wasn’t like she’d been working all morning and the house was spotless and she was looking for something to do. my family room is a MESS.

c) every time i buy anything, she takes things out of the bags and throws the bags away. yesterday, we bought pillows for our couch in our living room. we’ve been talking about getting pillows for about, oh, 7 years, and we finally bought 5, but we weren’t sure we were going to keep them. so we tried them out on the couch. one of them is good, but not great. the others are perfect. i love them!

so, i agreed to go to back to Homesense (i LOVE that store!) and see if i could find one that doesn’t blend into the couch as much. so, we kept that one in the bag, with the receipt. but, when i went downstairs, the bag and the receipt were gone….argh…

anyway, off for lunch with my sister in law. i LOVE this freedom. what was i saying about wanting the baby already??? i really need to start enjoying this time off! it’s GREAT! 2 weeks late is starting to sound not all that bad…ha!

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