August 2 04

where the cows are mutants and the elephants are well hung.

we went to the Bowmanville zoo yesterday with my inlaws and my sister in law and her three kids. They chose to drive the 45 minutes because it’s much more hands on, which is perfect for my kids who go running the other way as soon as they get close to an animal. They are such chickens (no pun intended).

There was a cow there that had an extra leg hanging off of his back. I swear I almost lost my lunch. There it was, hoof and all, just dangling off the poor animal’s back. Yeah, way to go, good way to traumatize kids (not to mention certain adults too…)

and we went to this zoboomafoo and friends stunt show where toothbrush the elephant did all sorts of tricks, including lying on top of his trainer. I guess this excited him just a little bit, because right before the end of the show, his little friend made a surprise appearance and almost poked the eyes out of the kids in the front row. I swear, it was the size of Emily!


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