September 12 05

my internet has been down all weekend until right now.
why, you may ask? something wrong with rogers? nope.
the husband decided that for some reason he needed to make his xbox faster so he began moving things around. so, he did manage to make his xbox super duper fast (yes! i’m so thrilled…) but, in doing so, he totally f$%%^ed up my internet. cripes.

i feel completely naked without my internet. i’m quite attached to it. sad, i know.

so, Isabella is feeling much, much better. she’s still slightly congested, but she’s sleeping 4-5 hour chunks at night, how can i possibly complain?

we are still trying to figure out what color her eyes are. sometimes they are green, sometimes gray, sometimes dark blue…when do they change??? i seem to remember my other two already being brown at this point.

the girl started public school in the afternoon, so she’s officially gone from 8:40 in the morning until 3:20. nice.

i bought a side-by-side double stroller today – my 15th stroller or so… – it was on sale from $200 to $149…i couldn’t resist. i wanted something crappy to throw in my car and to travel with, because the peg tender xl is way, way too bulky and huge.


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