July 19 06

it’s Isabella’s favorite toy:
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actually, truth be told, it’s her ONLY toy.
well, that’s a lie, actually. aaron and adrienne were kind enough to lend me this:
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so, my almost-one-year old will have something to play with…you know…other than remotes and wipes containers.

the truth is that she’s outgrown those baby, baby toys.
those? we have about 500. we’ve got lamaze and whoozits and rattles and teethers and inchworms and keys and flutterbugs up the wazoo. seriously. hundreds. but…in the around-a-year stage toys?? i can’t even remember what my other two were playing with at the time.

any suggestions? ideas?
favorite toys? toys you’d NEVER recommend?
help for a third-time mother with a serious case of amnesia?
(i’m thinking that the boy played with BOY toys – fisher price airport and fire station and the like and i can’t, for the life of me, remember what Emily played with.)


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