February 17 05

so i think American Idol is on 3 times next week. ah! they are letting this show take over my life!

I can’t say i’m surprised by the 24 who made it. there are a few who i still don’t know who they are, though.

Obsourne Smith (aka Ozzie Smith, Jr.) is now Nikko Smith. WTF? i guess he doesn’t want people to associate him with his dad, Ozzie. on a clever side note: “Nikko” was the name of the chief flying monkey in “The Wizard of Oz“. Brilliant wordplay or brilliant irony?

I was SHOCKED that Jaclyn Crumb didn’t make it – i thought she was a given.

I don’t know. i just can’t get on the Mikalah hate-train with the rest of the world. there’s something about her that i love. she’s got personality. she’ll go far, mostly because Simon wants to nail her.

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