April 29 05

The OC

i guess there are some benefits to living in Canada. While The Oc was preempted in the states, i got to watch it in good ole’ Canada. And Holy Crap! what an episode!

here’s a short recap for those of you who didn’t get to see it:
The nana calls from Miami and says she’s getting married. Sandy panics and takes Seth and Ryan down to Florida to do some damage control. Sandy confronts the nana’s fiance by telling him that he trusts him that he’s not out to get Nana’s money. Then he breaks up with the nana. boring.

Seth becomes an old man and plays shuffleboard with the all old men in the fountainbleu. then he goes up against this blond, very leggy girl who was in town visiting her grandmother. when seth loses, he challenges her to a rematch, and when he loses, she “forces” him to lick whipped cream off of her body for a chance to win $5000. big problem? it’s televised, and Summer sees it. while she is at zach’s house. eating gnocci. that he cooked for her. and THEN SHE KISSES HIM!!! ah!

Marissa offers to help Trey while Ryan’s away. She helps him get a job and then they celebrate with margaritas. and then Trey gets Marissa drunk and takes her to the beach and practically rapes her. she hits him with a stick and leaves him bleeding in the sand.

Carter tells Kirsten that he’s leaving Newport for a new job. They celebrate at the Cohen residence and CArter tells her that he didn’t want to leave. her. not newport. and THEN THEY KISS. she says “good luck with your new job, Carter” and then he leaves. Then Kirsten turns to the vodka. the good old vodka.

i think that’s it….


~How come the women on Survivor can NEVER get their freakin’ acts together?? if the 4 women booted off the 3 men, they could have had their first all female final four. and didn’t dumb-ass Caryn realize that 1 in 4 is a better shot than letting Tom place her as the 6th man. what a dumbass!!! i can’t even believe it. they all should have voted her in the end. she deserved to get the boot. not my Stephenie. i’m NOT happy.

~I’m not a big Katie fan but she was dead-on when she said that it would never work because Caryn sucks.

~Ian and Gregg bathe each other! ha!

~loved the reward challenge. i cried a little bit.

~I liked Tom until he gave his little, “oh, don’t vote me off because i’m amazing. i’m smart and i’m strong.” just for that crap he should have been given the boot.


~I, for one, thoroughly enjoy the Craig and Kendra catfights. I hope it’s them in the final two.

~Okay, I’m usually a huge Tana fan…but the bedazzler? i mean, come on. and their needless trip to Staten Island reminded me a little bit too much of Stephanie’s venture into Brooklyn to deviver pizzas. I thought Tana was making her exit last night. but, she gave good defense, and Trump fired Alex. oh, and Tana, sweetie, of course no one had the bedazzler…because they haven’t been sold since 1988.

~33 shirts? how the hell did they only sell 33 shirts?

~who else laughed when they bleeped the word, “Butthole”??

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