February 3 06

Beefcake Club, Love Boat, Golden Girls, and Spice Girls AKA Survivor

~Okay, Dan (is that his name?) is the Whitest White Man who ever did White. Seriously. The boy glows in the dark
~I loved Melinda’s little snark to Probst: “You should try it”ha!
~Holy Shnikies, the lumber JILL.
~Why oh why didn’t they get rid of Cerie, you know, the one who is scared of leaves and is in desperate need of a sports bra?
~who else thinks it will be fun to watch Shane flip out from his lack of cigarettes and his impatience for his tribe? color me unprepared.
~Misty = Anne Hathaway mixed with slammin’ Ambuh
~should turn out to be a good season. so many goobers.

ding, ding, Johnny’s dead! AKA the OC

~he better have freakin’ died.
~seriously?nough with the trailer park jazz. We get it. Grits, pork rinds, Gus, wine coolers, and now hot pockets? They overplayed the public schools of hell angle and now they’re taking this too far. Even if it is Julie Cooper. who totally rocks my socks.
~is it wrong to love stoned seth?
~they stole my “after-school special” line! right out from my post last week!
~best line? “I know you’ve been married for like 200 years” ooooh, or “We should take our pants off.”
~yay Ryan!


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