May 4 05

the round-up:
Anthony – this boy sure can bring the suck, can’t he? he’s so going home tonight.

Scott – his first song, i will admit, was quite good. one of his best. but, was that make-up he was wearing? women’s make-up? and did someone wax his eyebrows? i thought his second song was god-awful, though. “I’m not going home.” what an ass. i hope he goes home, just for saying that.

Vonzell – her first song was fantastic. i love that she grows more and more confidence each week.

– his Stand By Me started out awesome. it weakened at the end, but still a good performance. I will admit that i loathe that Los Lonely Boys song, but Bo rocked it. he did great last night.

Carrie – awesome. she finally got some life into her. i actually smiled when she kicked the mic stand. and what chart was carrie’s second song on? wasn’t it the song playing in season 1 of Dawson’s Creek when Dawson and Joey kiss for the first time??? i swear it is.

bottom 3: i’m guessing it will be Scott, Anthony, and Vonzell, with Anthony going home. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SCARY SCOTT GO HOME BUT I’VE GIVEN UP HOPE….


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