February 2 05

Amazing Race

unsurprising non-elimination leg, since they always go into the 2-hour season finale with 4….so, there wasn’t too much suspense…although i did love seeing all the taxi problems. and when Jon called his cab driver “homes,” my love for him grew leaps and bounds.

Kendra and the ghetto, once again. she needs to lose that word. it will make her a much prettier person.

something about Rebecca and her “chinese food in China is just food” and “Sean Penn and Madonna in Shanghai Surprise” made her think she’s too much like me…since those are two incredibly dorky things that i TOTALLY would have said. i’m glad they weren’ philinated last night.

Hayden hiding behind the bush had me in stiches. but i still can’t stand her.

at this point, i’d be okay with any of the teams winning, which will make for a good finale. my money’s on Freddy and Kendra, though.


i waited so patiently for “Fabrice’s SHOCKING announcement”…Here it comes….wait for it, wait for it… Fabrice told Jen he doesn’t want to marry her… wait for it… he said he doesn’t feel any passion….that Jen’s not the right woman for him… okay, wait for it…and then he told her…that he wanted to leave…. and then he left. And I’m still waiting. And we’re all still waiting. What. the. hell.

where was the “i’m gay.” or “I’m actually an actor.” or “i can’t believe i fooled you enough to keep me around to the final 6”???? hello? we all know the truth!

i did like that the winners letters were read out loud to all the guys. ha!

Ben goes home. not surpising. what was he still doing there anyway?

American Idol

Paula: “have you ever seen me this upset?” Simon: “yes.”
BETTER than James Brown? methinks not.

Barbie girl had such a good voice, but the unfortunate resemblance to Michael Moore didn’t do her any favors. but, she took it so well. i was impressed. and it made me fall in love with LL Cool J.

Tracheotomy Boy (aka Clay jr.)- what can i say? i loved him.

Vonzelle – loved her voice. but the shoes? i mean, honestly? what was she thinking? i couldn’t decide which to wear?

  1. so luck you have a Tivo

    Comment by Master Foley on February 8, 2005
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