July 4 06

after i finished watching Canadian Idol yesterday (holy crap…i’m addicted. embarrassed…but addicted…i even voted. yes, i voted, people. what’s wrong with me??), i watched a Beverly Hills, 90210 marathon.

i’m so happy that this show is in syndication in canada, you have no idea. this show was such a huge part of my life for so long. the guys? I’m totally a Dylan kind of girl. the girls? always liked Brenda better. a girl who goes out of her way to find Balzac’s house…anyone remember the first thing Dylan said to Brenda when they first kissed??? “You are so warm.” could you die? that’s seriously the weirdest thing i’ve ever heard.

watching now, though, it’s hysterical to see how dated the show actually is. and it wasn’t even THAT long ago. the high-waisted, belted, tapered-leg jeans. the baggy pants, tight-rolled at the ankle. the vests. jesus, the vests. david’s mc-hammer/vanilla ice button down shirts with the mock collars. the hairstyles. the bangs. oh, the bangs. the sideburns. the giant sunglasses. and that’s just seasons 1 and 2….

we’re not even going to get into the long, flowy flowered dresses and the chokers….

“Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!”

  1. It’s no worse than being addicted to American Idol 🙂

    Comment by Dan on June 22, 2008

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