August 31 05

first of all, i knew she had gained a ton of weight – mostly from the way her sleepers are fitting her so much better now – but i was completely floored when the dr. said she was 8’6! at 2 weeks! i just might get my fat baby yet!!

second of all, it seems her belly button might stay outie. poor thing.

third of all, it seems my angel has a case of “white mouth” – aka thrush. clearly, it’s not affecting her or me, though, since she’s got no problems eating, and i have no problems feeding her. no pain or anything. but the dr. gave us a prescription for some drops to get rid of the fungus. unfortunately, i think the medicine does not agree with Isabella. about an hour after i gave it to her, she started screaming – for over 2 hours. screaming bloody murder. the poor thing.

but, when i fed her at 10:45 last night she went to sleep and slept until 3:45 and then slept again until 7, so i really can’t complain.

but she was so distraught last night. i mean, obviously i want to get rid of the thrush, but i don’t want to have a screaming baby for the next 10 days while she’s on the medication. grr….i hate white mouth.

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