June 25 04

1. dirty, snotty kids
2. the tampon commericial that says, “because being a girl rocks.”
3. customs officers
4. men who actually LIKE girly movies. men who go to chick flicks to please their women is a different story…it’s the men who actually enjoy the movies that annoy me.
5. no matter how hard i try, i can NEVER stay clean.
6. BAD drivers. slow drivers. women in minivans who don’t know how to park. people who don’t signal. how hard is it to actually let the driver behind you know where you are going???!
7. people who have kids who sleep until 8 in the morning and complain that they are tired.
8. Drew Barrymore
9. people who always think they are right and argue a point even though they are totally wrong.
10. pop ups
11. once you wash a new shirt it never looks as good as it did when you first bought it.
12. Canadian tv
13. i keep buying pens and there’s never a pen when i need one.
14. the fact that it’s the freakin’ end of June and freezing outside.
15. whining
16. bad grammar

  1. OK, random time-killing reading old posts… but I need to ask, does my liking Legally Blonde mean that I “annoy the hell” out of you?

    Comment by Jeff on January 2, 2007
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