March 1 06

my race is back! wahoo! my race is back! teams of two! a race around the world! yay!

here are my thoughts so far:

Eric/Jeremy: i like them. alright, you guys are slackers…i get it. now take your $20,000 and shut up. did anyone catch his “no deal!” shout out to howie mandel? can’t say i’m loving the double nipple rings, dude. wait…did he say “What do we get, Philly?” he did? didn’t he?

BJ/Tyler: they are quit a hoot. and for some reason remind of a cross between Luke Wilson and Shaggy (the scooby do-er, not the singer). not sure why. they are having fun, and playing well. a good combination. Christine thinks Chris Robinson..i can see that too 🙂

Desiree/Wanda: not as great as ‘Momily’ from season one, but they seem to be working well so far.

Dave/Lori: Nerds rule! They are surprisingly super functional as a couple and really seem SOO in love.

MoJo: they lose some serious points for giving themselves a nickname, but i like them so far. they’re pretty, and i like that in a team.

Lake/Michelle: i can’t believe Joseph called him “Scott Peterson.” oh, wait. yes, now i see why. snerk. did he say, “dagnumit!?” anyone know what that patch was?

Ray/Yolanda: she’s awesome for actually being able to build that freakin’ motorcycle while all those creepy oglers were jeering and whistling. and he’s awesome for coming back at Lake’s “Lake, like the ocean,” with “Ray, like the sun.”

Pinks: just kind of meh on them so far. there’s a pair in every installment of TAR.

Fran/Barry: they may win the award for the most inept couple to play this game. can’t find the clue box? standing around looking like idiots at the motorcycle task? i hope they go next week.

Glamazons: my ears! make the lambs stop screaming!

John/Scott: two words. drama. queens. guess the genie power didn’t work for them. sorry to see you philiminated.


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