January 21 05

Marissa eats a sandwich!!!

or does she? methinks not. i hardly believe that Mischa Barton ate any of that cheeseburger. Maybe in the OC land, girls like Summer and Marissa make a habit of eating In and Out burgers and don’t exercise…but in real life…get real! these girls DO NOT eat. and they exercise their asses off. Poor Lindsay and her zone meal..

okay…here’s the thing. greasy fries and coffee? a recipe for a drunk person who hasn’t eaten anything? i don’t think so. i think that’s a recipe for a puke-filled evening. and also, why did Ryan think that leaving Lindsay, who was drunk, by the ocean, by herself, was a smart idea?? not the brightest bulb last night, was he?

also, whoever took passed-out Lindsay into Alex’s office clearly wasn’t thinking either. why did they leave her purse by the beach? what the hell?

and the comic book club? brilliant!


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