September 9 05

~~thank heavens that Ryan decided to get himself a big boy haircut…i was beginning to get tired of that kindergarten bowl cut he had going on. he looks good!

~~lurved the beach scene (except at times i felt a slight tinge of cheese – very Dawson’s Creek). i feel like when Ryan was mocking Summer it was a total ad lib. and i totally laughed.

~~who wants to give a big aw to the Sandy/Ryan hug. loved it.

~~who else loves Julie Cooper Nichol?? she’s the best thing about this show (well, after Jimmy of course)

~~Jeri Ryan is bugging already. wonder where they plan to go with her storyline. single white female?? i loved when Kirsten said “my boys”

~~big shout out to Teen Wolf! yes, Seth, why does being a wolf make you a better basketball player?

~~best line of the night: “I can work with the gunshot victims, because you can’t catch that!”


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