May 27 05

1. Would you ever answer your cell phone if it rang while you were in a public restroom? What if you were in the privacy of your own bathroom at home… would you answer it then?

no and no. the bathroom is not the place for a phone conversation. yuck. and at home? why on earth would i have my cell phone in the bathroom with me?

2. If you were given a one-year, all expenses paid, all-access assignment to make a documentary film on any subject of your choosing, what do think your film’s focus/topic would be?

that’s tough. i think i’d enjoy following around a celebrity for a year and document that ins and out of his/her daily life. ooh…or i’d do something that involved food…or maybe coffee…maybe i’d travel around the world and sample different coffees in the local popular coffee shops. that would be fun too.

3. Do you like your office space? Why or why not?

i’m just kind of meh about it. it’s a cubicle, which already makes it not great…not enough privacy. but it’s rather big, and i like that. and now that i’ve gotten (read that as stolen) myself a great chair, i like it much better.

4. Have you ever changed a flat tire on an automobile? If you never have, do you think you’ll be able to if and when the time comes?

never! i’m sure if would not be able to if the time ever came. that’s what AAA and husbands are for 🙂

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