May 18 05

Did anyone else feel like the judges were basically handing Bo this competition??

Vonzell – i thought she was good tonight. but, the judges have been pimping a Carrie/Bo final 2, so no matter what baby V brought last night, she’ll still be voted out tonight.

Bo – loved “don’t let the sun go down on me.” i thought he nailed it – however, he seriously needs to lose the sunglasses. and i liked the acapella too. veery good. i wasn’t thrilled with the stones song. it’s overdone, and Bo’s version was just downright a’ight for me.

Carrie – i thought she was great tonight. her version of Cryin’ was really good. really, really good. and i love a girl who can sing some air supply. it just made me gooey all over 😉 Bring on the cheese, Carrie! The Shania Twain was okay – i thought her shouting “i feel like a woman” was endearing.


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