July 15 05

it feels almost surreal.
my last day at work.

it’s incredibly bittersweet for me. on one hand, i’m thrilled to be moving on the this next stage in life. stay at home mommy to 3 kids (what the hell am i thinking???). i’m looking forward to not having to deal with deadlines and bosses in bad moods and not having the flexibility to do things like playdates and make doctor appointments.

but, on the other hand, i love my job. i love working. i love having something to get dressed nicely and put on make-up for. i love the feeling of accomplishment. i love knowing that the last 18 months have been such a great experience and that in a month or so, i’ll have 10 books published with ME as the author (well, only 6 with my actual name on them…the other 4 with a stinkin’ pseudonym that i didn’t even get to choose).


and wanna hear something else crazy?
the husband, who i promised would be out of commission for 3 days, is not disappointing. He has not woken up – with the exception of 1/2 an hour to go to the doctor yesterday morning – since Wednesday night! insanity. and i’m NOT stretching the truth at all. he’s barely moved in the position he’s lying in in my bed. When do i start to worry?

lucky me, i got to sleep on the couch last night – although i’m not quite sure that sleep can rightfully be used here. i did VERY little sleeping.


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