December 27 05

number of trees: 2
number of menorahs: 3
number of presents opened: 2 (one for the boy and one for the girl)
number of presents to be opened: about 100
number of pieces of pumpkin pie eaten by me: 3
number of movies watched: 4
number of movies seen in theater: 1
number of times my grandmother said, “i’ll tell you something. she [emily] is never going to get lost in thus world!”: 12
number of major things forgotten at home: 1
number of times i was puked on: 1

having your 3 children be complete angels on the trip here: priceless

yes…you read that right. puked on. in a restaurant. by emily. she was trying to prove that she could eat it all. coughed and then vomited. in. my. hands. ah!! i was so calm. cleaned her up and headed for the bathroom. talk about traumatic.

we took them to see cheaper by the dozen 2. of all the movies out right now. that’s what we saw. the girl was in heaven because her favorite, hilary duff, was in it. i’m hoping to see brokeback mountain, but everyone here’s refusing to see it.

major thing forgotten at home? car seat base. car seat will not go into car without it. yes, this was major. the husband too the bella home on marta and we are now the proud owners of another carseat.

hope you all had a merry christmas and are having a happy chanukah.
i’m having both 🙂

angels. complete angels in the airport. and on the delayed flight. they really were so good. it helped that joshie made a friend, daniel, who kept him busy for most of the flight so the girl could watch the ice princess.


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