May 25 05

Okay, how badly do the two original songs suck?? i really really hope that neither one of these will go on to become the winner’s (aka Bo’s) first single.

and was i the only one who thought Bo’s final song was horrible?? i was expecting the judges to pan him, but they all lurved him.

was that anwar in the audience with the short hair????? sitting between Nadia and Constantine? i spent most of the show wondering who that was. and anyone know if Jessica Sierra is pregnant? she looked just a little bit like it to me…

anyone else bothered by Carrie’s body? she’s built like a giant rectangle, and has zero definition to her body.

i’m looking forward to seeing Rascal Flatts tomorrow and i did enjoy the montage at the end. seeing Elizabeth Pha in her spiderweb get-up, Leroy and his can you dig it, and creepy Mary Roach again gave me all sorts of thrills.


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