October 24 05

yes…that’s N, as in Newfoundland. it’s awesome. they air Grey’s Anatomy at 7 pm, so i don’t have to wait until 9 to get my Grey’s fix. it’s the little things in life that make me happy.

my goodness…this show just keeps getting better and better.

everyone on this show rocks my socks. seriously. Cristina (Naughty Nurse). love her. Burke (“You just flew solo!”. love him. George (erection and all..) love him. Meredith (“Pick Me! Love me!”. McDreamy (11 years of everything..). Izzy (“Rock On!”). Bailey (“Porn as pain management?”). love them all.

loved the scene with Meredith and her mother.
loved the scene with George and Izzy and Meredith all in bed together. “Shh! Sleep.”
loved seeing Bailey in a dress. i want to be her. snarky and smart and caring and taking shit from no one.
love the “OK we’re a couple; don’t make a big deal out of it”.

i love love love it.
have i mentioned that i love this show???

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