May 22 05

come on, who’s with me? did you not just want to smack her when she was going and on about the freakin’ circle?? yes, we get it, Tana. You invented the circle. now sit down and shut the hell up.

and did anyone catch trump when he said “apprentice musical?” what now? musical? first lord of the rings needs a musical, and now this? are they running out of ideas???

methinks she looked slightly arsenio hall-ish with her “woot, woot” but then again, this is a woman who hasn’t left the 80’s behind yet….think, the bedazzler

no real surprises in this finale…i did feel like there were a whole heck of a lot of commercials, though. it was kind of a waste. but i was happy to see Kendra win. sure, someone prepped her for that 300-pound linebacker retort, but it worked, and she handled herself ver professionally. go Kendra.

i love Carolyn.


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