January 27 05

so, last night we went out with Mashie and Ezra. It’s quite nice actually. last year, we bought a theater subscription together. So, every couple of months, we went to see a play together. Sure, there were the duds (Copenhagen (sorry M&G – i know you liked this one..) and The Story of the Black Girl in Search of God (where she eats the ground…)) but there were some good ones too (Chicago and Hairspray).

Last night we decided to try this new restaurant, Gladstone’s, first. The place was beautiful, well out of our league, but we thought, for once, we’d treat ourselves.

I had the squash soup, which was excellant, and the gnocchi, which was NOT so excellant. Sure, it tasted fine, but i had asked for the gnocchi with linguini noodles instead of gnocchi because i thought it would be way too filling. Anyway, ordering with me is like ordering with Meg Ryan from When Harry Met SAlly. i’m changing everything. when the waiter said “No” i was shocked and figured it wasn’t a good idea to ask for them to leave off the black olives either. so, i had it. it tasted okay, but was so heavy on the garlic, that i’m still tasting it this morning. feh.

so, we made it to the play, having to make a detour to a variety store to buy some pre-play candy (we needed the twizzlers…yes…we NEEDED them…). ah, and we made the best find. Sour Twizzlers! yum! my friend Orah was just telling me about them and i was like, “yesh, we’ll never get them in Canada.” but we found them!! good times.

because we were late, the usher forced us to take a time out before going into the actual theater. once she led us in, we were face to face with – get this – male genitalia! ah!

The play – Take Me Out – is about a baseball team with a member who decides to come out and tell everyone that he’s gay. It was actually quite good – albeit slightly ditracting, what with the whole shower scene (there were two!) where the team takes an actual shower on stage. real water, real soap, real body parts being cleaned.

Ezra had a really hard time dealing with it, and tried to look only at their faces. Mashie and i, on the other hand, got a really big kick out of it! not that this was in any way a sexual thing (because, come on, male genitalia certainly is NOT a sexy body part…), but we found it quite interesting and entertaining!


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