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22 Minutes Was All It Took. Oh Zareinu, You Touch My Heart So.

Last year: This year: They change so much over the course of a calendar year. They make new friends, they face new challenges, they grow so very many inches. In the blink of an eye.  My children are incredibly special. They are fierce. They are determined. They are kind. They…

In Praise of Spell Check

My kid, man. She’s the most interesting kid right now. She can’t spell to save her life, and this makes second grade homework time extra long for the two of us. Every week she has to read a leveled book and then do an activity regarding said book. Every once…

The Smiles And The Heavy Sighs: The Long Walk To School

Gone are the days that kids are free to, just, be kids. They can’t bike on their own, they can’t go to the park on their own, they can’t even go to the mailbox on their own. The world is a different place, definitely, but we, as parents, are different too. We are much more cautious, much more hesitant to let our kids have freedoms.

I want my kids to have some freedoms; I need them to have some freedoms.

It’s time.

So, in the mornings, I stand on my front porch in my snowman flannel pajama pants, hold my giant cup of coffee in my hands, and watch my three children walk to school on their own. I watch them take ownership over something that is just theirs—100% theirs.

And as I watch them walk further and further away from me, I both smile and heavily sigh. I smile because it’s so great to see—the three of them, walking side-by-side, talking to each other. I sigh, though, because I know—with each and every step they take away from me—that my little babies are growing up.