December 2 04

Ah, the Amazing Race manages to not let me down yet another week. I can’t figure out what’s annoying me more though, Adam un-naturally high-pitched whiny voice, or Victoria’s plastic botoxed, overplucked face??

Here’s a tip for all you IKEA go-ers (or as Freddy put it eye-kee-ay), build, build, build. Even I can can build Ikea furniture – it’s EASY. Counting? frustrating, and clearly, not so easy. Bolo can’t count – he made that perfectly clear with his 66-68-80 counting. I swear i was laughing out loud!

Oh, Lena. Poor Lena. Over 8 hours in the field and over 100 bales of hay. and nothing to show for it, except Phil coming out on the field to tell you to stop. Poor thing. She was amazing. I’m impressed that she didn’t give up.


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