March 20 06

~~Izzy bugged the crap out of me tonight, but i did enjoy her messing with Cristina just a little bit: “I grew up in a trailer park and I am not above kicking, and I do mean physically kicking, your pampered Beverly Hills ass.”

~~best line? “Dude you called her ma’am, she’s never going to sleep with you now.”

~~cell phones? in a hospital? was anyone else distracted by this?

~~Alex is an ass. but i’m lovin’ angry alex. someone needed to knock some sense into george the baby.

~~i can’t hear juju without thinking of julie cooper nichol….but i think it was a sweet gesture on addison’s part. i’ve never really liked her until now. got to give her credit for trying. but…i’m still rooting for mcdreamy and meredith. and i liked that he admitted that he and Meredith were friends.

~~cristina and george in the bathroom. classic! “That’s my breast!”

~~i probably sound awful for saying this…but i actually was hoping that denny would die. izzy needs to move on from this unhealthy relationship.


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