February 15 05

Jen needs some glasses. She called John Paul hot. What? Am i missing something here? Sure, he’s got some good things going for him – he’s got a cute southern accent and he’s self-employed, but good looking certainly is not something that poor John Paul is. and i think this needs to be said. there is something wrong with the way his upper lip DOES NOT MOVE when he talks. it’s disturbing. and he needs to go home to Oklahoma.

I honestly thought she was going to send Jerry home. I’m glad that she didn’t. at least she’s keeping a little eye candy around for us… and am i the only one who thinks the guy is pretty genuine? just because he’s super hot, doesn’t mean he’s just a “player”

there’s one thing i don’t really understand. they built up this “shocking” thing at the rose ceremony. Jen gets a few minutes alone with each of the men. how exactly is this shocking? isn’t this the way the rose ceremonies always go?

okay…come on…how can she pick Lippy Mcboring over Jerry??!!!
and what happened to the oh-so-sexy black bra straps that were hanging out of her dress?

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