January 10 06

well, it’s over.
there’s no use really even thinking about this interview unless they come back with an offer….but, of course, i will. since that’s what i do.

description of the job. sounds perfect. developmental editor for the health and parenting department. well, basically i would be the health and parenting department. i would work with the authors to get their books from draft stage to be ready for the copy editing stage. by golly, this is perfect for me!!

ever heard of this book? this one? yup. you guessed it. published by john wiley.

i almost wish i didn’t like the job at all. then it would be so easy. if they don’t offer it? didn’t want it anyway. if they do offer it? don’t want it. no thanks. but now?

if they don’t offer it? i’ll probably be a little bummed. if they do offer it? then comes the tough decisions….but i’ll cross that bridge when i come to it (see….folks…that’s me….following through on one of my new year’s resolutions! god me. not stressing about what might be. woohoo!)

so…the waiting game begins.


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