November 16 05

my father in law and i share one thing in common.
we are both hypochondriacs.

with him it’s usually heart attacks and kidney failure.
with me it’s usually tumors and cancer.

i swear, i don’t think we’ve been with the inlaws without him saying something like, “i’m having pain in my arm. do you think i’m having a heart attack?”
and i can usually see his complaint and raise him a “there’s thing mysterious lump on my leg, do you think it’s a tumor?”

i know it sounds terrible to say, because thank goodness there’s nothing wrong with either of us, and we can be truly thankful, because there are people who have serious problems and we shouldn’t joke. but, it’s a sickness, really.

this pregnancy really helped. even ask the husband. i don’t think i’ve thought i was dying for quite some time now.

until last week. remember when i posted over a week ago that i thought i had strep? well…it never progressed into anything. no runny nose, no congestion. but, i’m not sleeping. because every single freakin’ night, from about 9 pm, no matter where i am, my throat tightens up and gets all dry. i can’t swallow and breathing is very difficult. i tried the humidifier, but it’s doing crap to help me. i tried drinking lots of water. i tried halls. nothing helps. it’s seriously the most bizarre ailment i’ve ever had. anyone know what this could be??? i’d like to find out so i can quit telling the husband that i’m dying.

the suckiest part of this is that i’m not sleeping at night, even though my baby is. i should be taking advantage of the fact that my daughter sleeps all night.

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