September 27 05

I’m having a serious shoe problem. it’s this in-between weather. it’s killing me.

the summer is easy. sandals. flip flops. easy peasy.
the winter is easy. boots. again, easy peasy.

but what to wear with skirts when it’s too hot for boots or nylons or tights but it’s way too cool for sandals???

for the first time i’m realizing it was EASIER to dress for work than it is to stay at home. i know that might sound awfully weird – what can be easier than sweats and runners??

but the problem is that i have to drive carpool three times a week…which means i have to put on a skirt three times a week, and look slightly put together, but i’m not going to wear work clothes. so, the clothing is somewhere in between shlumpy sweatpants-y me and business casual me.

so..what to do?? with jeans it’s easy (not that i own a pair of jeans that i can fit over my fat ass right now…), but at least with jeans i can wear the right shoes. with skirts it’s sooo much harder.

so…what do i wear with a jean skirt? or a cord skirt?
help, please!


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