July 29 04

Rumspringa is a Pennsylvanian Dutch word that is loosely translated as “running around” or “running wild.” It is a rite of passage for young Amish men and women. During rumspringa, the Amish are encouraged to check out the world outside their closed communities.

UPN jumped on the rumspringa bandwagon and developed a 10-week series called, “Amish in the City,” a reality tv show that plunks five Amish men and women, between the ages of 16 and 24, in a house in LA with six dwellers.

I caught a few minutes of this show last night – it was a 2 hour episode and I couldn’t commit myself because i had to watch Paris and Nicole waxing some poor guy’s back. But the few minutes i watched were quite entertaining.

I’m sure every review today will talk about a few of the scenes that I saw – Amish Mose and Ruth going food shopping with vegan Ariel, the gay guy taking the Amish guys clothes shopping, and Mose’s first experience and panic in the ocean. But, my most favorite scene in the entire episode (well, the 20 minutes that I watched) was when Ruth, Mose, and Ariel are walking down the street, and Ruth becomes fascinated with the parking meter and shouts something like, “I’ve never seen one of them things before!” and she was excited. I mean, she was really excited about a parking meter. wow, that was funny. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it.

I’m sure I’ll be watching more of “Amish in the City.” After all, I’m a reality tv junkie (except for Big Brother, which i refuse to watch) and i think this one will be entertaining. Heck, I even got a huge kick out of the Oprah episode where she spent the day in Amish country.I did get a little sick to my stomach seeing her without make-up, but the show was great.

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