August 5 04

Amazing Race

Sorry, folks, i didn’t get to comment on the Amazing Race yesterday because i didn’t watch it until last night.

What a waste, though, because LM (Loud Mary) at work spilled the beans about the non-elimination round before I even watched the show. I didn’t want to know, but she’s so loud, that even on the other side of the wall, i was still able to hear about it.

A few things. Brandon saying “Chip, can you help a brother out?” got lots and lots of laughs out of me. I’m trying to picture my brother – who reminds me way too much of Brandon – sayng that to someone. giggle. giggle.

Also, the doublemint twins have got to go. I even prefer the pizza brothers (who i think should be the next to leave this game after the dim-witted sisters)to them. One of them, and i seriously can’t tell the difference, said at one point, “we’re clueless.” Boy, was she right. Understatement of the season.

Btw – The Amazing Race 6 is being filmed now, and CBS is already looking ahead to a seventh season. Although the series has yet to be officially announced, the network is casting for The Amazing Race 7 — and applications are due next Wednesday (unless the deadline gets extended). Anyone want to go with me???

The Bachelor/ette

Jenn Schefft was chosen to be the Bachelorette on the third installment of the show. Maybe the previous winner of the Bachelor will have better luck on the Bachelorette. It’s funny how Trista and Meredith, the two previous bachelorettes, are the only ones who stayed with their choices.

The Simple Life

Fairly disappointing season finale. They give Bob some tips on being more romantic. aw. Paris gets back on a horse. What a trooper. And they save a cow from being slaughtered (“They are going to kill Bill!” – just thought that was funny).

Paris: “How many more miles to LA?”
Nicole: “How the $%@&%* should I know?”

here’s to hoping they don’t make another season…

  1. Pizza boys can go.
    keep the twins on – there may be a swimsuit leg to come.
    if you’re looking to give someone the boot try Marla & Charla… or is it Mirna and Chmirna?

    Comment by Giblet on August 5, 2004
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