March 16 06

okay…Survivor…most boring clip-show ever. any thoughts on who is on the stretcher? i can’t tell if it’s a woman or a man…it’s not Cirie or Bruce…

okay…American Idol…what’s wrong with America??? Ace is in the bottom 3? (did you see his poor face?) and Kevin and Bucky are NOT??? WTF? although i’m quite happy to see Melissa go home…i would have prefered the bottom 3 to include Chicken Little and Bucky.

okay…so, last night we went out to dinner with the husband’s old co-workers from IBM, June, Hui (and his fiance), and Gilbert. we went to this Japanese sushi place near my old office. interestingly, all the menus were in Chinese, which i didn’t really understand…since it was a Japanese place…but bygones. anyway, we sit down and they bring out this lobster. the front end of the lobster looks like a live lobster. the back end of the lobster is all cut up into good eats. it looks a little bit like this. wait a tick! what’s that? the front end? it’s still moving.

still moving y’all! i have never seen anything like this before in my life. apparently, it’s called live lobster sashimi. you eat the lobster while it’s still squirming on the table. holy shit. i am very sheltered, it seems. i tried hard not to lose my lunch and watched in awe as everyone (besides me and the husband) partook in this adventure.


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