June 13 06

i’ve been seeing them everywhere.
white eyelet. shirts. skirts. what have you.
i have this bizzaro love for eyelet fabric, and it stems all the way back to my childhood. my bedding growing up was white eyelet. so, you can see how it’s somewhat nostalgic for me.
and now it’s all over the place.

so, i bought a skirt.
i’ve been resisting and resisting.
but it was on sale. and i couldn’t resist any longer.
i fought the urge. but the urge won.

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but, white is tough, man…
what do you wear with white? Tova says black. with red accessories.
and how can i possibly wear white with three little kids? i’m always dirty. surely, white will show mess.
and as sharon so politely put it, “white is unforgiving.”

well, i dared to wear it to work this morning.
with a black shirt.
and a red necklace.
and i’m still clean (keep your fingers crossed)
but i’m self- conscious as hell.
so, if you see me…please just tell me it looks good.
even if it doesn’t.


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