September 12 09

Firstly – before I update you on all that’s happened in the last week or so (visits from family! Betty Draper-esque try-ons! mcTato trips to east jesus, nowhere, New Brusnwick (canada, not New Jersey)! my shitty luck on plane trips, including vomiting children and elderly women with THE PLAGUE!) and what is about to happen (the husband leaves for another 13-day stint to Toronto! trip to my mom’s for rosh hashanah! a muzzle attached to Emily’s face to get her to just stop talking for onemothereffingsecond of her life!)  – I suppose I should update you all on the status o’ the puppy, because, seriously, you guys have been the most amazing support system a prone-tp-panic-attacks, scared shitless, first-time pet owner could ever ask for.




I wish I could hug you all in person.

Indiana swallowed three feminine hygiene products and may or may not have eaten one of my sister’s thongs (it has yet to be found) (I am just letting you know, it’s too soon to make a toxic shock syndrome joke) and these things were so badly lodged in his body that he required surgery and when they were inside, they found that his small intestine was more damaged than they’d thought or than they’d liked and ended up removing a large chunk of it. He came out of the surgery okay, and the vets were all hopeful that he’d be okay.

He is home now, with less intestine and more cone wrapped around his head.


Yes, it’s as pathetic as it looks.


He is on a boiled chicken and white rice diet, but has yet to eat any of it. or drink any water. or even take his pain meds. or pee. or poop. or pretty much do anything other than lie pathetically on the floor.

(I take it back, he did manage to muster enough energy to vomit a little bit in the husband’s baseball hat)

We are hopeful that he’s going to turn a corner and be more like his swashbuckling namesake soon. HE JUST HAS TO. I am REALLY worried. And really worried about having to deal with this – plus the three kids – all on my own for the next 2 weeks.

I guess I should have asked Kirk Cameron to pray for him when I stalked him with my iphone camera saw him on the airport train at ATL….


  1. I really hope all turns out well with the puppy. Putting a cone on a dog is hard no matter the situation. 🙁
    Good luck on the 13-day single mom stint.

    Comment by Amanda on September 12, 2009
  2. Awww, Indy. I hope he’s back to his perky self soon!

    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on September 12, 2009
  3. Yes I admit the toxic shock, which came out before I could think about it, and the ragout was unfortunate, I mean it just happens so quickly. At least you did laugh immediately! Just trying to cheer you up, I am sure everything will be OK. And to think you thought you were finished with babyproofing the house now its time to INDYProof! I hope your 13 day goes flawlessly this time. At least you got a pic and didn’t chicken like I did with JT.
    .-= NaomiJesson´s last blog ..TMZ would never hire me. =-.

    Comment by NaomiJesson on September 12, 2009
  4. NAY – totally NOT a dig at you. I was laughing too, especially at the ragout one. hahah. still laughing at it. the mcmoms are exempt from the too soon rules!

    Comment by ali on September 12, 2009
  5. Poor, sad puppy. I really hope he feels better soon.

    Comment by C @ Kid Things on September 12, 2009
  6. Super Indy!

    And ya know, Kirk Cameron is now all Jesus freak King of Family Values. He’d totally have helped.

    Comment by Slynnro on September 12, 2009
  7. Poor puppy. I will be praying for his full recovery. Kirk does have an in with God, you should have asked him.
    Seriously I wish your puppy well, they are so special in our lives.
    .-= Deborah Pucci´s last blog ..THE SKIES ON 9/11/09 =-.

    Comment by Deborah Pucci on September 13, 2009
  8. My dog ate underwear and had it removed much like your puppy. It was a horrible experience. Did he eat food, keep it down, and poop before leaving the vets office? They wouldn’t let us take our dog until that happened.
    Out girl went from death’s door to being insane in a matter of days. Hope your puppy does the same.

    Comment by Patti on September 13, 2009
  9. So happy the little guy is home! I dealt with a very sick baby kitten once, I was a WRECK. So I feel your pain there.

    I hope that very soon it will be okay to make TSS jokes 😉 because that means he’s all better.

    Comment by Jen on September 13, 2009
  10. Glad you’re back to help nurse sweet Indy back to health. Somehow I know you’ll be fine with Hubby out of town. It’ll be a busy time taking care of Indy.
    I hope he continues to get better. Sweet little guy.
    .-= monstergirlee´s last blog ..Peek A Boo – I See You =-.

    Comment by monstergirlee on September 13, 2009
  11. I hope he (and you) are OK. Poor puppy.

    Matthew’s gone for two days this week, so I’ll get a taste of what you get to deal with regularly.

    Comment by Angella on September 13, 2009
  12. I have been thinking about you and Indy since you posted about him.

    I hope he makes out okay.

    (And Kirk Cameron? Holy shit!)

    Comment by mamatulip on September 13, 2009
  13. your vet is fantastic .. that is totally incredible he had all that in him .. silly puppy .. I hope he continues to improves and I send you good vibes for the next two weeks on your own .. you can do it Ali!!!

    Comment by Sarah on September 13, 2009
  14. Well, if he only had one vomit in him, at least he used it well. You must be proud.

    Comment by MonsteRawr on September 13, 2009
  15. Eeep… I know about you and vomit, so put that on a plane, and well, I don’t know if I should offer more sympathy for that our your dog.

    Comment by SciFi Dad on September 14, 2009
  16. So glad to hear Indy is on the mend; and hopefully will be running crazy soon. Poor silly little puppy.
    And seriously, I totally would have stalked Kirk C. My room was covered with Tiger Beat posters of him back in the day. Sadly, a small part of me still gets a bit giddy when I see him. 🙂

    Comment by Spring on September 14, 2009
  17. I’m glad he’s doing better! Poor little guy!

    Also, I’m sorry I already made the Toxic Shock Syndrome joke before we knew how bad it was.

    Hang in there!

    Comment by Kristabella on September 14, 2009
  18. Once he’s all better, he can go on NBC and do those “More You Know” commercials with a simple message: Menstruation kills.

    (glad he’s okay)

    Comment by Avitable on September 14, 2009
  19. Hope Indy makes a speedy recover. You don’t realize how much you love your pets till something goes wrong with them.

    Comment by pat on September 14, 2009
  20. I totally thought now with more cowbell. Glad your cat is doing better. That’s a cat, right?
    (Says the chick with the crotch-borking horse-dog)

    Comment by Karen Sugarpants on September 14, 2009
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