April 7 05

So, I’m finally starting to get over the daily nausea thing. it’s about freakin’ time.

but, now i’m entering the fun world of not being able to get comfortable in bed. it’s AWFUL. i get into one position and then half my body falls asleep, so i turn over, and then that lasts only about 4 minutes. ah…the pleasures of pregnancy. i can hardly wait until it gets super hot out and i’m boiling to death at night. yay!

i’d love to get me one of these. ha!! not really…i would totally abuse it.

i got a bella band (thanks Mia and Devora…you guys are the best!) and i couldn’t be more excited!! it means i’ll be able to wear my prepregnancy clothes for a little while longer….take that Mom!! i won’t have to wear muumuus just yet!

oh, and also, i totally can’t breathe anymore.


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