March 10 05

…i need to get my blog off of blogger. it’s become nothing but a pain in my arse. i’ve had just about enough of it losing my posts and always being on the fritz. grr…

anyone have any suggestions for me??? I’ve been looking into typepad and wordpress this morning…

  1. I agree! I’m tired of blogger. I’m looking seriously at WordPress. I just need time and hosting! I co-blog on moveable type and it seems easy to use, but I didn’t set it up. A friend of mine just made the switch to WP and loved it.

    Comment by rob on March 10, 2005
  2. If you’re looking at other blog options, TypePad’s got all the power of Movable Type, but you don’t have to run a web server and you can import all your posts. There’s also support for things like TrackBack, categories and photo albums.

    Comment by anil on March 10, 2005

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