August 10 04

…she certainly has had a rough couple of weeks. First she breaks up with Nick Carter, then she goes out sporting some serious bruises, her house was broken into (although, since she leaves the door unlocked, i’m not going to feel all that bad about that one…), and now she was attacked by bees!

On Sunday at the Teen Choice Awards, she and fellow award show host Nicole Richie were attacked by a swarm of bees on the blue carpet. Their publicists and other stars watched as the two flailed their arms and screamed like little girls, but brave pop star Christina Milian helped shoo the pesky bees out of Hilton’s Farrah Fawcett ‘do before they had a chance to sting.

  1. Oh my god do you think it’s true that Nick Carter abused like everyone and everybody’s saying? Right now I believe it I am a huge fan of Paris Hilton my room is filled with stuff of her and I really do think that he abused her thats my side but now all the pictures I have of Paris with Nick I cut all the Nicks out of the Pictures and OMG i didn’t here that her house got broken into that sucks! On the blue carpet at the Teen Choice Awards thats terrible I havn’t seen the awards but thats awful…. and will it be on tv?
    Because I’m taping the teen choice awards and i’ll be able to block that out if it does happen thanx…
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    Comment by Anonymous on August 10, 2004

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