October 11 05

i think i’ve figured it out with my nanny.

she’s a good nanny. she LOVES my kids. and she’s good to them.
she’s just not really all that sensible.

she throws things out that she shouldn’t (like receipts etc.). she has a serious laundry problem (in that she doesn’t treat stains and it takes her about 100 years to do 2 loads of laundry). and she cleans things that dont’ need cleaning (such as joshie’s sock drawers) and doesn’t clean things that obviously need cleaning (such as my kitchen floors).

today she threw out emily’s school picture order form. now, i know in the big picture of things, if i don’t have a jk picture from her public afternoon school, it’s not the biggest deal. but the girl will be upset. she’ll be unhappy that the other kids all have order forms and she doesn’t. and it’s really the principle of the matter. why did she throw it out in the first place?

she felt very bad, though. so, i guess that’s half the battle.

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