February 8 05

let me preface with the fact that everyone hates me at the photocopier. it’s more often than not that i’m in there photocopying an entire book (the most tedious of tasks…one that requires me to individually photocopy each page…), so usually, because i’m so thoughtful, i let people go ahead of me.

This morning, however, i decided that letting 3 people go in front of me was enough. had i let the two other women who were standing and waiting go in front of me, it would have been complete and total anarchy. i would have been standing there all day.

one of the women asks if the two of them can go ahead of me…and i made a hmph sound, and without making eye contact said, “I guess.” not in a rude way, mind you, but not in the nicest, most pleasant of ways either.

one of them got so angry, threw her arms up in the air and starting talking to herself. i was nervous that she was going to start throwing things. AND she IS about 4 times my size.

so, i took a stand, and didn’t let myself be bullied by the photocopy bullies….but why do i feel so bad now???

  1. aargh! we too have a photocopier shortage. there is ALWAYS a long line and at least one is always broken. so frustrating!

    Comment by chisparoja on February 8, 2005
  2. From Bad Eggs (2003):
    Ben Kinnear: Photocopier’s busted.
    Julie Bale: Still?
    Ben Kinnear: Yeah. I have to walk round the office describing my a$$ to everybody.

    Comment by Giblet on February 8, 2005
  3. You’re way too nice. Unless it’s someone I like coming to the copier after I’ve commandeered it, I turn and tell them “I’m going to be here for a while, you might want to come back in (20, 30, 45, whatever) minutes.” Then I turn back to what I’m doing and ignore them.

    Comment by Sean on February 8, 2005
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