April 13 05

please check the poor woman into a clinic…

the goods:
Vonzell – she keeps getting better and better each week. i thought she was great.
Carrie – i still think she’s great. she’s not a rocker, but she was still good. i like that she tried to change it up.
Anwar – i thought he was really good. but, how about some songs sung by MEN?
Constantine – dare i put him in the good category??!! he was good last night. even Simon called him “astonishing” he loses points for sticking out his tongue. gak!

the mehs:
Bo – just “eh”
Anthony – good song. much much better than last week. still not good enough.

the bads:
Nadia – Randy made me laugh so hard when he didn’t even know what song she chose. do they not ever learn that song choice is HUGE?
Scott – i thought he was awful.

my call for the bottom 3? Nadia, Scott and Anthony. Nadia goes home.


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