November 21 04

USA Today has a frame-by-frame look at the brawl that erupted on Friday night between Ron Artest and some Detroit fans in the stands.

“It’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen as a coach or player,” said Pistons coach Larry Brown. “I am embarrassed for our league and disappointed to be part of this.”

Long story short, here’s what happened. Ben Wallace went for a shot, and Ron artest shoved him. Wallace shoved back. both benches emptied. After a fan threw a cup at Artest, he stormed the benches, then Stephen Jackson joined him and they began hitting fans. It took about 15 minutes before the players were removed from the stands.

It was the first time in 47 years that a Pistons basketball game was not allowed to finish.

So, at the end of all of this, according to, Ron Artest was suspended for the rest of the season. Nine players from the teams were banned for a combined 143 games, including some of the harshest penalties the league has ever issued. Artest is the first player to be suspended for nearly an entire season for a fight during a game.

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