March 29 05

i have a friend at work who i love dearly. she’s super sweet and the only person in my entire department that i actually really like. and she’s pregnant and also due in august – one week before i am.

But, this pregnancy has turned her into a loon.

i swear. every day she comes to me with her questions, that fall somewhere on the scale of “okay, that’s something a normal person would ask” (example: eating tuna is okay, as long as it’s only once a week, right?) to the “questions only someone who is INSANE would ask” (example: is it okay that i did yoga outside in the grass, near some dog poo, about 3 months before i got pregnant?)

this is not a joke people.

yesterday, it was about the microwave.
“Alicia, is it okay to use the microwave?”
“Yes, Haley. It’s fine.”
“Even though it’s an old one?”
“Is it okay to stick your hand in to get your food while it’s still hot inside?”
“Yes! That’s what most people do.”

Today, it was about the microwave, yet again.
“Ali, is it okay to stand in front of it?”
“Are you sure?”
“so, like, you take your food out and you are standing in front of the microwave, and that’s okay, right?”
“Yes. by the way, what worries you about the microwave? the steam?”
“You take a shower, you know.”
“No, but the micro waves.”
“Don’t worry – go ahead and use the microwave.”

poor thing. she’s really actually freaked out about these things!

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