March 27 06

The Sopranos just keeps delivering. It’s so good.
I was so interested to see where they were going with the whole Tony/Kevin limbo thing and they didn’t disappoint.
No one disappointed last night.
~Carmella. my goodness. she’s fantastic. and i love love love that she went to see Melfi. It was so nice to get a bit of her backstory…that she was totally in it for the money. ooh…i loved her look to the guys in the elevator. she’s a smart woman, that Carm, she’s going to stir up some trouble. she was watching all of Tony’ s guys when he was away..
~Vito. fuckin’ Vito. could he have been any more creepy with Finn. yikes!
~Paulie. only Paulie could annoy a person out of a coma. “I gotta wear a jock, the doc said…keep the testes elevated.” i loved when they showed ‘Kevin’ yelling at his ‘neighbors’ to shut up.
~Christopha – he’s back trying to make a movie. the ghostbusters line? classic!
~AJ – is such a little shit. i’m glad that the gun thing was discovered. because…seriously…AJ with a gun…could ONLY have ended badly…

oooh…Tony B and the house of hell. I was fully expecting Tony to walk into the house and see everyone who died on the show. that would have been AWESOME. and was that faceless woman at the door supposed to be Livia? interesting how Tony’s hell=family reunion….

does anyone think it’s significant that it was Meadow who called him out of the coma?


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