March 21 05

Somebody has kidnapped my daughter.
thank the lord.
they’ve replaced her with an amazing child (one we haven’t seen in about two years). she’s happy (she’s smiling!), she listens, she’s barely whining, she is NICE to her brother.
and the best part? the bedtime!! oh, the bedtime! she’s been going to bed so well the past week. she gets her story (from me) and her songs (from her Daddy) and SHE GOES TO SLEEP! no whining, no crying, no carrying on. she just goes to sleep. i can’t believe it.

After i told her for the one millionth time that i’m so proud of her, she told me, in the car this morning, “i told you that when i turned 4, i was going to start listening. and Mommy, a promise is a promise.”

oh happy, happy day.

***knock on wood, poo poo poo and all that jazz…or as my friend Michelle would say, “Don’t give yourself aynehurah”


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