January 25 05

…that i stopped watching 7th heaven about 7 seasons ago.

last night i was channel surfing and happened to come upon the show. Lucy was in labor so i thought, why not, and watched for a few minutes. What a mistake.


Okay, so Lucy, cliche of all cliches, gets stuck in an elevator to deliver her baby, and her husband and brother fight over who gets to deliver it. brother? ew. and then Lucy delivers her baby. in about 30 seconds. then she proceeds to put all her clothing back on…including…what are those? tights? she put back on a skirt? and her boots?

Yeah…that’s exactly what having a baby is really like. no fuss. no muss. and the baby comes out clean and shiny and 6 months old.

someone put me out of my misery.

  1. At what exact pointin time did it really start to suck the big one?
    According to jumptheshark.com:
    The whole “Mary goes bad” storyline from a season ago was ludicrous. It was clear at this point that the show’s writers had lost any ability to come up with believable stories. Why was Mary kicked out? Because her sibs took the babies college money and gave it to her to pay her debts (why was Mary punished if the other kids took the money). Why did she have debts? Because she bought a car. (how did she do that without a parent as a cosigner?) What other terrible things did she do? She drove once after a couple of drinks, and she was hanging out with a young married couple who used pot a few times. Bud didn’t Annie once admit trying pot when she was younger? The incredibly bad writing almost makes me believe the rumors that Spelling came up with this storyline to punish Jessica Biel for having the temerity to say she wanted out of the show.

    Comment by Giblet on January 26, 2005
  2. the show jumped the shark when the Camden parents decided to start inviting strangers to come and live in their home. Robbie? Martin? Why did the Camdens become a homeless shelter?

    Comment by Ali on January 26, 2005

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