July 27 05

just to see if i’ve had the baby, with no other real reason, and make up some lame excuse as to why they called. i imagine this will pick up as i get closer to my due date.

but, some people, when they call, say something like, “Did you have a baby yet?”
okay, what the hell? do they not think that if i had a baby that they would have heard? I’ve been getting slightly sarcastic with them, saying things like, “oh my goodness! did we forget to call you?”

or some people say the ever-so-unwanted, “You are still around?”
clearly, yes, i am still around. why don’t you rub some more salt on my wounds please?

or “how come you haven’t had the baby yet?”
yeah…there’s a real good one. becuase i’m in control of these things.

sheesh. i think i’m going to turn the phone off..

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