October 13 04

I’m a media whore.

I love it all. I love the news and the gossip about publishing, advertising, tv, movies. I love to see pictures of Britney Spears all pimple-faced with a bag of cheetoes in her hands. I love to read that Zach Braff is NOT dating Natalie Portman, but rather he’s been seen around with Mandy Moore. I love the did she/didn’t she question of whether Paris Hilton said the n-word on her newest porn video installment. Mary-Kate eats 4 pieces of sushi and yells at people. love it. JLo takes out her own trash. love it. Lara Flynn Boyle puts on a few pounds. love that too. I love it. love it. love it.

which is why, at least twice a day (usually with my morning coffee and then again with my afternoon coffee), I visit my friends up at gawker.com. Oh, it’s like heaven for me. Celeb gossip, but with an edge. It’s thee place. Time Magazine even put it on its 50 best website list.

And now, it seems my gawker might be no more. It seems they are having some technical…or is it financial difficulties? Someone, please, send them a donation or something. I need my daily fix!
“This site is currently under construction. Please check back at a later time.” Instead of the familiar Gawker interface, that was all i could see.
oy vey.

Oh, salvation!
For those true Gawker fans who were online this morning to see the post, the site has been temporarily posted here.

yes…that was me, breathing a sigh of relief.


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